ecogen Heat Recovery Water Heater
The Ecogen Air-Link Water Heater can be installed anywhere. It is linked to the split air-conditioner system which comprises a condenser, expansion valve, evaporator and compressor.
The Ecogen Air Link Water Heater generated from air conditioner unit to heat water thus recycling waste energy.

About ecogen Heat Recovery Water Heater

- Tank size range from 60L to 340L
- Safety feature provided. (I) Pressure relief valve up to 400 Psi | (II) Heating element is outside the tank.
- Mantenance FREE
- Internal tank is glasslined
- Fully insulated tank
- Easy Installation
- 5 Year warranty

- No running cost

  Benefits of ecogen Heat Recovery Water Heater

Zero Operating Cost
ecogen Heat Recovery Water Heater generating hot water with zero cost
at all time.

Great Savings on Electricity
ecogen Heat Recovery Water Heater reduces work done by condenser of
the split unit air-conditioner. Thus less wattage of electricity is consumed.

Environmentally Friendly
By recycling the waste energy of the air-conditioner, the Ecogen Heat
Water Heater actually helps to conserve the environment.

Safe and Quiet
The whole system does not have flame, exhaust, fume and overheating.
It also has no motor and any moving parts.

Weather Resistant
Built from highly durable material, the product is strong enough to withstand
any weather condition.

Minimum Maintanance

Yearly general inspection as deemed necessary

Key Advantage
Safe Usage

As there is no direct contact of heating coil with the water, there is no risk of the storage water contaminated by the refrigerant in terms of any leakage. Storage water will also never mix with refrigerant and passage through the compressor of the air-conditioner to demage the air conditioner system.


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