ecogen Heat Pump Water Heater
In residences, food chains, laundrettes, hair salons, etc, the ecogen Heat Pump Water Heater in single unit or multiple unit can be used to supply hot water for consumption for shower, washing and cleaning. In commercial applications, where there is a consistently high demand for hot water, such as hotels, hospitals, dormitories, sports clubs, the ecogen Heat Pump Water Heater in multiple modules can be used to replace conventional gas-fired/oil fired boilers or electric heater.

While hot water is generated with much improved efficiency the "free cooling" produced by the evaporator in the heat pump unit can be used to ventilate areas like laundry room, patios, garage,
workshop, kitchen, lift motor room, etc.
ecogen Heat Pump Water Heater is synonymous with cogeneration, simultaneously producing hot water and cool air.

About ecogen Heat Pump Water Heater

- Available in 270L & 340L

- Available in compact or split unit.
- Save up to 70% electricity costs
- Generate 4 times more heat than electric heater
- Can be used as single unit or in multiple
- Safety
as heating element is outside the tank


Benefits of ecogen Heat Pump Water Heater

Very Low Operating Cost
It uses only approximately 30% the power needed by electric heater to
heat the same amount of water. It merely 'pumps' the heat from one
location to another.

Eliminates Conventional Fuel Boiler Costs

It completely eliminates all costs associated with boiler system such as
chimneys, ducting, fans, fire-safety system and fuel piping system.

Eliminates Hazards

It completely eliminates the needs to handle any hazardous fuels.

Big Reduction in Maintenance Costs

Compared to conventional fuel boiler, the maintenance costs is minimal.
Energy System only requires yearly anode checks and cleaning
of air vent.

Free Cooling

Ductable chilled fresh air at about 10°C less than the ambient can be
channeled to the desired location for 'spot cooling' or ventilate an enclosed
area. Hence, downsizing the air-conditioning equipment is also possible.

Attractive Pay-Back Period

Compared to the electric heater, the extra investment spent on the
ecogen Energy System can be recovered in a short period of 20 months.

Key Advantage
over other heat pump water heaters

Non Water Contamination
Most heat pump water heaters have their hot and aggressive vapor refrigerant tube immersed in the storage water. This poses the danger of the storage water to be contaminated by the refrigerant whether be they R134a or R22 which all contain thehazardous chemical called Asphyxiant.


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